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Who We Are

Igniting passion through change

Emory Consulting Limited is a recently established consulting firm that aims to provide a range of services to support small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. We offer transformational leadership programs, advisory services, and government-formulated project support to help these organizations achieve success.

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With a key focus to assist businesses in developing transformational leadership, Emory Consulting looks to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve their full potential. And by offering advisory services to individuals and organizations, Our team of experts helps organizations develop strategies to maximize their potential, with a goal to assist them in achieving operational efficiency, enhancing their digital experience, and optimizing their expertise.

In addition to supporting businesses, Emory Consulting also provides services to the educational sector. The firm offers trust formulation services for pupils to fit the global status, which aims to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. These services include providing guidance on curriculum development, teacher training, and the integration of technology in the classroom.


Our Team

Our team of talented, experienced, passionate, and innovative consultants are committed to serving our clients in achieving their business goals while maintaining high standards of service at optimized costs. We’re committed to helping our clients achieve success in a rapidly changing world.

Our Team

Obianuju Carol Udeogaranya

Principal Partner

Carol is a Principal Partner at Emory Consulting, she has the passion to see individuals and businesses thrive. Having worked in the financial sector for over a decade and half, engaging in Customer Relations and Operations Management, Carol’s experience has given her the opportunity to mentor and impact lives, and she strives to make a positive impact in the society.


As the global economy evolves and becomes more challenging for individuals and businesses to succeed, Carol is committed and dedicated to help small and medium enterprises and individuals reignite and reposition their brands towards achieving sustainable growth and development.


Carol also has the desire to inculcate reading culture in pupils of pre-primary and post primary institutions and is currently designing a model that will challenge the creativity of the African child towards preparing them as future leaders of our continent.

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